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Danni Storm & Væi Ellen: Ene (2021)

Ene er et illustreret poesihæfte af Danni Storm og Væi Ellen.

Hæftet indeholder fjorten skrivemaskineskrevne digte af Danni Storm. Et udvalg af konkretdigte, akrostikon og andre eksperimenter med skrivemaskinens restriktioner. På hæftets forside samt midte, ses i alt otte lyserøde glitterformationer lavet af billedkunstner Væi Ellen.

Hæfte, 24 sider. 120x170. Trykt på 250/135g genbrugspapir. Udgivet af Non Plus Ultra, i 30 håndnummererede eksemplarer, august 2021.

24 sider // ISBN: 978-87-93828-12-4 // pdf


Joshua Smith: By (2021)

By by Joshua Smith is a chapbook featuring eighteen minimal and concrete poems.

One or two words wrestle and fall apart before they quite win the point. Yet something stares out at you from these smashed-up vowels and consonants, like a traffic accident, or a Chamberlain sculpture, an eye or an oh.

- Aram Saroyan

Broken, partial, fractured, distorted—is this poetry in the age of CAPTCHA? In thirty-seven words, Joshua Smith makes us feel the possibilities—and vulnerabilities—of poetic language in contemporary culture.

- Johanna Drucker

Sometimes it’s like we’re in a lab, looking at a language isolated on slides. Sometimes we’re a universe away, looking at the language through a telescope, catching it in small events. By is a book of economy, humor and vision. I have already used more words, describing it, than it itself contains. And am no nearer to explaining away the stillness at the center of it.

- Josh Bell

Work by Joshua Smith may be found at

Saddle stitch bounded. Printed on 250/135 gsm recycled paper, in 50 copies. A6: 105 x 148. 24 pages. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2021.

24 pages // ISBN: 978-87-93828-09-4 // pdf


Kevin Stebner: Rostellum (2021)

Rostellum is a chapbook by Kevin Stebner featuring ten visual typewriter pieces all in blue and red. Typewritten on a Remington Performer. Printed on 250/135 gsm recycled paper, A5: 148 x 210. 24 pages. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2021.

Kevin Stebner is an artist, poet and musician from Calgary, Alberta. He produces visual art using old videogame gear, and produces music with his chiptune project GreyScreen, post-hardcore in his band Fulfilment, as well as alt-country in the band Cold Water. His first book of poems, Sunshine Policy, is out from Straw Books. Stebner has spent the quarantine preparing two new manuscripts, his first novel, and a large amass of typewriter visual poems. He is also the proprietor of Calgary's best bookstore that's in a shed, Shed Books.

24 pages // ISBN: 978-87-93828-10-0 // pdf


Derek Beaulieu: Brevflodslette (2021)

Brevflodslette is a concrete poem made with Letraset by Derek Beaulieu. A6 leporello publication printed on 250 gsm recycled paper. Edition of 48 copies. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2021.

Whirlpools, the many sounds of the water or the river of letters. It gurgles and ripples, hisses and hums, and not only the title of the piece suggests a correspondence between the information transported by the river, but by the letter and by time. We're on our way somewhere. All this can be read and seen in Derek Beaulieu's beautiful visual and spatial poetry, and especially in Brevflodslette which continues to fold-out and unfold in consistent and inciting ways. The poet's style is recognizable, his voice clear, the reading of the poem not easy to finish.

– Martin Glaz Serup

Derek Beaulieu is the author/editor of over twenty collections of poetry, prose, and criticism, including two volumes of his selected work, Please, No More Poetry (2013) and Konzeptuelle Arbeiten (2017). His most recent volume of fiction, a, A Novel was published by Paris’s Jean Boîte Editions. Beaulieu has exhibited his visual work across Canada, the United States, and Europe and has won multiple local and national awards for his teaching and dedication to students. Derek Beaulieu holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Roehampton University and is the Director of Literary Arts at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

8 pages // pdf


Joshua Smith: Foreslips (2020)

Foreslips is four minimal concrete poems by Joshua Smith (US). Six pages, z-folded A6 publication. Printed on 250 gsm recycled paper in an edition of 30 hand numbered copies. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2020.

6 pages // English // 30 copies // pdf


Danni Storm: Intruding Madness (2020)

Intruding Madness is three anagrammatic concrete poems by Danni Storm (DK). A6 pamphlet, four pages. Printed on 300 gsm recycled paper. Packed in a PP protective sleeve. Edition of 30 hand numbered copies. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2020.

Second press: 30 copies. December 2020

Third press: 30 copies. July 2021. 

Fourth press: 30 copies. January 2022

4 pages // English // pdf


Rasmus Halling Nielsen: Johanneskapitlet & Pentagram (2020)

Bog af Rasmus Halling Nielsen. Udgivet som en pdf af Non Plus Ultra, 2020

152 sider // dansk/engelsk // ISBN: 978-87-93828-07-0 // pdf


Rasmus Halling Nielsen: Færdiggør strækningen som en lykkelig (2020)

Bog af Rasmus Halling Nielsen. Udgivet som en pdf af Non Plus Ultra, 2020

98 sider // dansk/engelsk // ISBN: 978-87-93828-06-3 // pdf


Ragnhild Christiansen: Sentiments (2020)

Ragnhild Christiansen's second book of asemic writing and abstracts, Sentiments. Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2020.

"In Sentiments the reader encounters powerful bodies of asemic scripture, that exist in a breath and dance of linear lively resuscitation, and dark gestural fascination. In this book one encounters Ragnhild Christiansen’s living hand that tears open raw, with brush and ink, the veil of a glorious creative mind. We are gifted shards of a calligraphic ecosystem dwelling in the mouth of a tiger hang gliding off cliffs of scribal dreaming. In this vision before us are lain deep charcoal tracks on the snowy white page. We are left hunting the action of a crow that has already taken flight after laying down its black bitumen. Natural deep expression rises again to acknowledge scraps of linguistic survival torn open on the pages of an absolutely great book."

—Michael Jacobson, author of Works & Interviews


Ragnhild Christiansen is a Danish artist born 1963. She works with asemic writing, abstracts, collages and more.

18 of the original pieces from the book was exhibited at Sorø Bibliotek, November 2021.

Softcover book // 32 pages // ISBN: 978-87-93828-05-6 // Edition of 50


Nicolai Emil Gottlieb: Fåk politi (2020)

Fåk Politi (Fåk = Danish drunk punk slang for ”fuck”, politi = police).
Photo and graffiti zine originally published in twenty copies in 2018. Now available digitally as a pdf.

20 pages // Danish/English // pdf


Danni Storm: Triste digte (2019)

Triste digte er en samling af fyrre visuelle anagramdigte. Udgivet af Non Plus Ultra, 2019. 7 af disse digte var med i udstillingen Ingen fremtid af Danni Storm på Metanoia i København.

Softcover bog // 48 sider // dansk // ISBN: 978-87-93828-02-5 // pdf


Danni Storm: Sad Face (2019)

Three anagrammatic visual poems. Published as a leaflet by Non Plus Ultra, 2019. These poems was featured in the exhibition Ingen Fremtid (No Future) by Danni Storm at Metanoia in Copenhagen.

4 pages // English // Edition of 25 copies // pdf


Manuela Zammit: A Short Summer Story (2019)

A Short Summer Story is a typewritten poem by Malta-based artist Manuela Zammit. Following a recent return to her native Mediterranean island, the motif of the sea playfully found its way into her work. Published as a pdf by Non Plus Ultra, 2019.

10 pages // English // pdf


Ragnhild Christiansen: Tegn (2019)

Tegn (Signs) is a collection of asemic writings by Danish artist Ragnhild Christiansen (b.1963). Published by Non Plus Ultra, 2019. 

Softcover book // 38 pages // ISBN: 978-87-93828-01-8 // Edition of 50 copies // pdf


Danni Storm: Eyes/Øjne (2019)

Bilangual visual poetry publication. Published as a pdf by Non Plus Ultra, 2019.

Bilingual visuel poesi publikation. Udgivet som en pdf af Non Plus Ultra, 2019

18 pages // English/Danish // ISBN: 978-87-93828-00-1 // pdf